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Workwear Buyers Guide For Women in Construction and Trades

If you are a woman working in the construction and skilled trades industries, you likely have found that a lot of workwear tends to cater for male sizes and requirements. However as more women have continued to enter these male dominated occupations, workwear suppliers are finally meeting the demand and producing great quality clothing and footwear which is both flattering and practical for women.

We’ve created this easy buyers guide to women’s workwear so you know what to look for when purchasing, what essential items you need and have even included some of our favourite workwear options.

What to look for when purchasing workwear

When it comes to choosing workwear, you’ll need to choose clothing that is suitable for your workplace, is comfortable to wear, can last the distance and is the right size and fit for you.

Right for the job

The workwear you choose will depend on the type of work you are doing and your role. If you are in a management or office based role, you’ll likely dress more formally and require less intensive safety gear than if you are working directly onsite with construction and other potentially hazardous materials.


As you will be spending a significant amount of time in your workwear, comfortability is essential. When choosing comfortable workwear, you’ll need to consider the texture and breathability of the material, as well as the cut and design of the clothing. If you are unsure, read the product description to learn more about the clothing, the fabric it is made from and any additional features such as extra padding in boots that will improve the comfortability.


Workwear needs to be able to withstand the conditions of your work and be long lasting so you don’t need to continually replace it. If you are working outside, you’ll need a range of clothing which is suitable for both the heat and cold, as well as items which are water and windproof.

Sizing and fit

As women’s body shapes are different from men’s, it’s best to purchase workwear that is designed for women. Otherwise, you may have trouble with the sizing, proportions and length of your clothing. Ill-fitting workwear is not only uncomfortable and awkward but also looks unprofessional.

Workwear Essentials

Pants & shorts

FXD WP-3W Womens Stretch PantWhen shopping for workwear, a great pair of pants should be top of your list! You should be looking for a pair of pants that are comfortable, have multiple pockets and are the right fit. There’s nothing more annoying than having to constantly worry about your pants slipping down or having difficulty kneeling and sitting down while you are at work, so ensure your pants fit comfortably around the waist without being too tight on your legs. Many workwear style pants come in the basic black or blue, but khaki and beige colours are still just as versatile and practical however may require more washing.

FXD WS-3W Womens Stretch ShortThe FXD WP-3W Womens Stretch Pant comes in three different colours; khaki, black and blue. These pants offer a flattering fit without compromising on utility thanks to its many pockets and abrasion panels.

If you require pants with a more corporate look, we recommend the Bisley Cool Lightweight Pant or the Pilbara Cotton Stretch Jeans which offer a sleek look year round.

For the hotter months, wearing a comfortable pair of shorts like the FXD WS-3W Womens Stretch Short can ensure you remain cool at work while maintaining a professional appearance.

Tops & jumpers

Workwear tops and jackets tend to allow you to express your style a little more while also being highly practical and protective. If you’re working onsite or in the field, you’ll need a shirt that can provide the necessary airflow and comfort, while also protecting your arms.

We recommend the Bisley Womens X Airflow Ripstop Shirt Long Sleeve which has multiple pockets, easily adjustable sleeves and air ventilation to keep you cool in hot and stressful conditions.

If you are looking for a top that can bridge the gap between professional corporate wear and practical workwear, the Pilbara Closed Front Long Sleeve is ideal. The smart style and range of vibrant colours are easy to pair with your work pants and ensure you can still look professional.

A polo is a great choice for those warmer months, providing you with a flattering silhouette in a comfortable and UPF 50+ sun protective cotton fabric. Choose the Pilbara Classic Polo in Azure for a more traditional look or keep things bright with Fuchsia.

If you are working onsite, you will require a high level of visibility as part of your professional protective equipment. A Hi Vis Jumper will keep you warm during the colder days and nights, and ensure you are easily visible at all times. The Bisley BW Long Sleeve Front Tape Stretch Shirt is designed to provide the required visibility for night and day as well as reduce odour and give a flattering fit.


It’s no secret that if you are working in the construction and trade industries, you’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet. Purchasing good quality footwear can go a long way in making your workday better, you want boots or shoes which are comfortable to stand in for long periods, able to keep your feet dry, keep your feet protected and look good onsite.

If you are working in construction, mining or roadworks, we recommend the Steel Blue Southern Cross Ladies Nitrile Safety Boot. With a necessary steel toe cap, water-repellant and heat-resistant fabric, and specialised cushioning to maximise comfort and support, the Steel Blue Southern Cross Boot is the perfect choice for both safety and style.

Whether you are an electrician, heavy equipment operator, or other tradesperson, you will need shoes that are slip resistant and up to safety standards. We recommend the Mongrel Zipsider Boot which is slip, oil and fat resistant, electrical hazard resistant, and has temperature regulating lining. 

Socks & other accessories

Socks are an essential part of workwear that is often overlooked! Without the right choice of socks, you’ll find that your feet are more prone to rubbing against your work shoes, and are often sweating and smelly by the end of the day. Choose good quality socks which are durable and padded such as the FXD SK-I Long Socks or opt for maximum comfort and breathability with the Steel Blue Bamboo Socks range.

Need to protect your eyes? Sunglasses are an easy way to protect from harsh light or glare, just ensure to choose a pair with a lightweight frame and adequate solar protection like the JBS Eye Saver Spec.

Need assistance?

If you need a hand choosing the right workwear for you, get in touch with us! We’ll do our best to help you find the perfect fit so you are ready for work.


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