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Summer Workwear Guide - How To Stay Cool On Site

When the days start getting longer and temperatures begin to rise, it’s time to think about switching to your summer workwear. You’ll be faced with the notorious summer heat as well as some pretty harsh UV exposure so choosing the right workwear can make a significant difference in how comfortable you are during work. You also need to choose items that are still appropriate for the workplace and meet the safety standards for your type of work.

It can be tricky to choose the right summer clothing that is breathable, can withstand some intense wear and tear, and will protect you adequately. So, we’ve created this handy guide to summer workwear so you know what to look for when buying and provide you with some great options.

What to look for in summer workwear

If you are purchasing some new workwear for the summer, you’ll need to evaluate possible options by the following criteria; is it made from the right materials, can it withstand the working conditions, does it provide adequate protection and is it good value?

Breathable materials

In summer, one of the most important things is remaining cool. If you are working in a physically demanding job or are outside for long periods of time, you need workwear that will help you stay cool and can handle increased sweating. Choosing materials which are highly breathable is essential for summer workwear. We recommend looking for workwear predominantly made from breathable materials like cotton and polyester.


As mentioned above, you want your workwear to be comfortable, cooling and breathable. We recommend choosing items with ventilation features, such as mesh vents under the arms, to help increase airflow to keep you cool throughout the day.


While some fabrics like silk and merino wool are great for other summer clothing, they are not nearly strong enough to endure harsh working conditions. You want to ensure that your summer workwear keeps you cool and won’t rip, stretch or break on the job by choosing items with stronger fabric weaves and reinforced stitching, seams and bar tacks.


Depending on the type of work you do, your workwear will need to provide you with some level of protection. It can be easy to choose singlets and vests when working in the heat, however, they run the risk of leaving your arms exposed to both work related hazards and intense sun. It’s better to choose a lightweight shirt that can protect you from sunburn and offer more protection.

The same logic applies to choosing footwear. Whilst thongs are great to wear during a hot day at the beach, they aren’t appropriate for the workplace. Look for sturdy and protective boots with air vents and wear lighter weight socks.


A key thing to look for when choosing new summer workwear is whether it will be good value. Great quality workwear is an investment so it’s better to invest in a few great pieces which are versatile as opposed to buying cheaper items in bulk that will need to be replaced continually.

You should also consider whether your summer workwear items can also be used during autumn and spring so you can get the maximum use of them. For example, lightweight pants might be a better option than shorts as you can wear them on slightly cooler days.

Our recommendations

Now that you know what to look for in workwear, here are some of our recommended items for your summer work wardrobe.

Shirts 👕 

RITEMATE 2 TONE VENTED LIGHT WEIGHT OPEN FRONT LONG SLEEVE SHIRT 3M TAPEIf you are looking for a lightweight and high visibility shirt choose our Ritemate 2 Tone Vented Long Sleeve Shirt. With the cooling vents, high durability and UPF50+ sun protection, it’s a great and versatile choice for summer. For something more corporate that doesn’t compromise on comfort, the Bisley X Airflow Long Sleeveis a great option.

Shorts 🩳 


For those especially hot summer days, choose a pair of lightweight shorts. The FXD LS-1 shorts provide the ultimate comfort with four way stretch and are still functional with multiple pockets. The Bisley Cool Lightweight shorts come in both navy and khaki, and comply with necessary sun protection regulations.

Pants 👖 


Choosing a pair of work pants for the summer can be tricky as you’ll want a pair that are adequately protective without being too hot. A lightweight pair that uses moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool is ideal, we’d recommend the FXD WP-5 Lightweight pants. The Bisley Cool Lightweight Vented pants are great for women who are looking for pants with a flattering silhouette as well as sun protection and cooling vents.

Shoes & socks 👞 🧦 


Comfortable footwear is an essential part of a good summer workwear wardrobe. We’d recommend the Mongrel Non-Safety Lace Up Boot which has a temperature regulating lining and airzone comfort system. The Steel Blue Argyle Zip Tpu Bump Cap Safety Boot provides men with antibacterial and antimicrobial protection as well as reducing odours.


Socks tend to be forgotten when choosing workwear, but a great pair of quality and lightweight socks can keep you feeling comfortable and cool for those long days. The Steel Blue Bamboo socks are highly breathable and will reduce odours.

Hats & other gear 🧢 🦺 


The UV rays can be intense during the summer, even on overcast days. We’d recommend the Avenel Polyester Lightweight Mesh Hat to keep you protected from the heat. Stay visible on-site and throughout the night with the lightweight Primemover Day/Night Cross Back Hi Vis Vest With Zip Closure.


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