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Why You Need Custom Branded Workwear

If you’re a self-employed tradie or someone who owns a trades business, you may have considered whether custom branded workwear is a worthwhile investment. Having your workwear customised with your logo, brand name and other business details not only looks great and makes your clothing unique, but there are also a range of personal and business benefits. We break down why it’s worth having your workwear custom branded.

The benefits of custom branded workwear

When considering any business investment, it’s important to consider how it will enhance or benefit your business long-term. Purchasing custom branded workwear is no exception. Here are some of the ways your business will benefit from customising your workwear.

Easy advertising & awareness

Creating business recognition can take time, however customising your workwear is a perfect way to get your business name and logo in front of more potential customers. Simply wearing your custom workwear day to day is an easy and affordable form of advertising. Choosing a particularly colourful or interesting logo design and memorable company name will help catch people’s eye and make your business stick in their minds.

Enhances professionalism

Wearing the appropriate workwear on the job is essential to not only assist the safety of your work, but also in maintaining a professional image. As appearance is one of the first things your clients see, your workwear should be a reflection of the standards your business upholds, such as reliability, trustworthiness and professionalism. You can customise your workwear to display the wearer’s name and job title which identifies them as employees of your business and further promotes their need to uphold a professional reputation.

Sense of pride

Research has shown that wearing a uniform can help the wearer, or in this case the employee, to have professional pride. Unifying your employees in their branded workwear is a great way to assist in team bonding and creating a collective sense of shared belonging. This in turn can promote your employees to work together as a team and feel passionate about working together towards a common goal.

Tax deductions

For employees, having custom branded workwear means that they claim the expenses of washing and maintaining their uniform as tax deductions. This means they’ll be more willing to purchase workwear as a compulsory uniform and also invest in maintaining it.

Improves safety

If you are working in a trades or construction related business, safety is paramount to your success. Having custom branded workwear makes it easy to identify your staff on-site, which is crucial for coordinating groups of people and working on a project with other businesses. In the case of tradespeople, having branded workwear can help customers identify your workers and give them the right access to complete the job in their home or business.

Ensures compliance

Being compliant with all work related safety and protective gear regulations is a key responsibility for business owners. Wearing custom branded workwear means you can ensure that you and your employees have the appropriate PPE and safety gear when at work and are compliant with all industry regulations. You can add your business name and logo to all safety workwear clothing, including hi-vis clothing.

Order your custom workwear

With Tuff-As, you can order your workwear to be customised with your unique business name, logo and relevant branding. We offer both embroidery services which enable you to have your workwear customised to your specifications, and specialised workwear quotes which are ideal for larger orders. Get in touch with us to discuss your custom branded workwear ideas today!


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