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Safety Tip #01: Stay Sun Safe

There's no doubt about it - Aussies love their sunshine! And for a lot of us - working in the hot sun seems like just another day on the job. But do you ever wonder if all of that hot sun might be harming you? To help ease the stress, follow these top three tips to make sure you're staying sun safe on the job site. 


1. Wear Protective Clothing

We get it, when it's 40 degrees and sunny, the last thing on your mind is adding even more safety gear to your work uniform. But, adding just a few sun safe products could save your life. Always be sure you're wearing protective, sun safe clothing - like our Kingee Workcool line. It's also important to wear wrap around sunglasses and especially a wide brimmed hat. Like this Avenel Mesh Hat. Whatever sun safe equipment you're looking for, Tuff-As is here to help. 


2. Always Apply SPF

The Cancer Council suggests applying 30+ to 50+ SPF about 20 minutes prior to going outside in the sunshine. Additionally, it is important to make sure you're reapplying this SPF every 2 hours. This will help ensure that you're remaining protected from those harmful UV Rays. 


3. Seek Shade Whenever You Can

On a hot, sunny day it's very important to ensure you're finding shady spots to block the sun whenever you are able to. If your worksite is lacking shade, try creating shade with extra clothing, or any other items you have on hand. 


Don't forget to check your skin often, and if you see something that doesn't look right - don't wait. Act smart and be safe when it comes to sun exposure - you're life depends on it. 


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