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Australian Made Workwear: The Best Aussie Brands

When it comes to choosing where you purchase your workwear from, it’s best to buy from Australian owned and operated businesses who manufacture Aussie made products. Buying from Australian brands means you are supporting local businesses, supply chains and helping keep local workers in jobs. It’s also important to purchase from Australian brands as they manufacture their products according to Australian standards and safety regulations, which is essential when it comes to sun protection and high visibility.

At Tuff-As, we are passionate about supporting reputable Australian businesses. We stock Aussie brands who provide high quality, durable and comfortable workwear that doesn’t break the bank! Read on to learn about what defines ‘Australian Made’ and discover some of our favourite Aussie workwear brands.

What does Australian Made mean?

Australian Made Logo

Just because a brand is Australian owned or operated, doesn’t mean the products are Australian Made. According to Australian Made, the 'Australian Made' claim is about the production process rather than content of a product. A product with an 'Australian made' label does not necessarily contain Australian materials, however it must have undergone its “last substantial transformation” in Australia.

A product has been substantially transformed in Australia if:

  • It was grown or produced in Australia, or
  • One or more processes carried out in Australia, the end product is fundamentally different in identity, nature or essential character from all of its imported materials.

We believe the next best thing to buying Australian Made workwear and safety gear is to purchase from Aussie owned and operated brands.

Our Five Favourite Australian Workwear Brands

In no preferential order, here are some of Tuff-As’ best-selling and most trusted workwear brands for bracing the Aussie elements.

Hard Yakka

Hard Yakka Logo
Hard Yakka is one of the very few Aussie workwear companies who have made a conscious effort to reignite a segment of their original Australian Made manufacturing operations.

From its humble beginnings in the back of a house in Victoria to becoming one of the most recognised workwear brands in the country, Hard Yakka is an iconic Aussie brand whose name is synonymous for quality, toughness and durability.

Hard Yakka workwear is equally tough and durable without skimping on comfort or value. It’s hard to choose a more versatile and comfortable pair of pants than the Legend Pants. If you’re looking for water resistant, durable and stylish shoes then look no further than the 3056 Lace Zip Boots.

What we like about Hard Yakka’s Australian Made collection is that it is made using local supply chains and that starts with fabric manufactured in Melbourne. Each workwear product is knitted, dyed and sewn in their Australian facility with minimal environmental impact, promoting responsible farming and socially responsible manufacturing.

View the Hard Yakka Workwear range

King Gee


Australian owned and operated, King Gee are a brand who have evolved with the changing needs of the work environment. Today, they manufacture some of Australia's best-selling workwear of the modern era, integrating style, comfort, durability and functionality into their gear.

Specialising in industrial workwear and safety gear, you’ll find high quality products like the Workcool 2 Hi Vis Spliced Shirt Long Sleeve and the Tradie Side Zip Safety Boot at incredibly competitive prices.

King Gee is another leading workwear brand who have taken a similar stance and direction as Hard Yakka, releasing a small exclusive Aussie made range of workwear, that is targeted to align with King Gee’s values of innovation, sustainability and ethical production. Something we value and get behind!

View the King Gee Workwear range


Bisley Workwear Logo

With a commitment to quality, transparency and authenticity, Bisley is regarded as one of Australia’s most trustworthy, best value and fastest growing brands.

This success has led Bisley to expand its products, offering a comprehensive range of Bisley PPE and Bisley Safety Gear, as well as women's and men's workwear. The Stretch V Neck Closed Front Shirt is incredibly versatile, suitable for the worksite and a more corporate environment. You’ll stay cool and comfortable, not to mention highly visible with the X Airflow Taped Hi Vis Ripstop Shirt.

Bisley’s diverse range of workwear, safety wear and protective wear is big on safety and tough-wearing materials. What we like about Bisley is its reputation for making it comfortable and stylish without compromising on quality.

View the Bisley Workwear Range


FXD Logo

FXD is Function by Design. Making waves across Australia and internationally, FXD has been designing and making purpose-built, technical workwear and work boots for more than 25 years.

Founded in Australia, FXD provides a core range of workwear including some of the most comfortable and sweat wicking socks around! If you’re looking for durable, practical and lightweight shorts, you can’t go wrong with a pair of FXD LS-1 Lightweight Shorts.

What we like about FXD is that their workwear boasts practical yet sturdy design features that exceed even the highest of standards.

View the FXD Range

Steel Blue

Steel Blue Logo

Originally from Western Australia, Steel Blue dominates the Australian and international workwear markets when it comes to high quality safety and work boots. Steel Blue knows that when you spend so much time on your feet, you can’t compromise on comfort and support. Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), Steel Blue has ensured that its boots help you perform at your best.

Steel Blue provides innovative work boot technology to maximise durability and meet safety standards across the world. Some of our favourite Steel Blue work boots include the stylish Southern Cross Ladies Nitrile Safety Boot and the Argyle Zip Tpu Safety Boot. The bamboo socks are also a must-have, made from ultra-fine bamboo fabric. These socks help to eliminate foot odours and protect against blisters.

Steel Blue is also on a mission to reduce its environmental impact, with its comprehensive sustainability roadmap looking to address 5 core areas of human rights, climate, environment, diversity & inclusion, and communities.

View the Steel Blue range.

Discover more great Aussie brands

At Tuff-As, you can find an extensive range of great Australian workwear brands including products from iconic suppliers such as Mongrel, Blundstone and Akubra Hats.


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